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~ Welcome! ~

CM : Tropical Sunset by H-analea CM : Martini Boy by H-analea
~Apple Martini~ by FloofFloof ~Tropical Sunset~ by FloofFloof
Cocktailcolts are the spirits of alcohol ;D

And each CC is unique and represents a particular cocktail or style of cocktail ranging from the serious and posh Martini, to the wild and easygoing Tropical Sunset.

~ Navigation ~

General Information

Deco by BananenBuzz

Deco by BananenBuzz

Skype chat: Note group for access

~ Rules ~

Quick Rules
Deco by BananenBuzz

:bulletgreen: You must be a member to own a Cocktailcolt
:bulletorange: Always reference Kai-Alive as Cocktailcolts owner
:bulletgreen: Don't be rude to anyone - respect is key
:bulletorange: Sell your CocktailColt by using the exchange centre journal to do so
:bulletgreen: If you do sell it, note me the new owner consequences are found in the T/C journal
:bulletorange: This is a Closed Species you may not make your own unless you purchased a MYO slot

~ CC Challenges ~

~Current Monthly Challenge~
April 2017

Does your CocktailColt celebrate easter? if so, how do they prefer to spend the day? If not, how do they feel about easter?
Maybe they like decorating or hiding easter eggs? Or maybe they'd rather search for them?

-Pictures must be fully colored and include a background
-Written stories are accepted, they need to be longer than 500 words

3 ~Lime~ Common Fruitlet by BananenBuzz

~Current Special Challenge~



~ The Crew ~

Mixologist (Founder)
The Mixologist is the one who mixed together this species and will continue to deliver new content with pleasure.
Deco by BananenBuzz

Bartender will draw and deliver beautiful cocktails while also making sure the place runs smoothly. If there are any concerns you may always contact one!
Deco by BananenBuzz

Tapsters can draw stunning cocktails for customers, they are big contributors to this species. They can easily answer all your questions you might have about cocktails!
Deco by BananenBuzz

Servers may serve cocktails occasionally, but mostly make sure everything is going nicely, they can always be contacted if something is unclear or confusing.
(applications for this position will be accepted soon)

~ CocktailColt of the month ~

Presenting the CocktailColt of the month,
April 2017:
~Sunny Lemonberry~

Want your own CC featured? Click here for more information.

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emoandmusiclover Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I was wondering about my entry for the april monthly challenge, i never got my fruitlets for it ^^;

heres the drawing: Cute Little Chick [april challenge]
(1 Reply)
RoyalWallnut Featured By Owner May 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Will the group ever select Servers? I'm just kind of interested to see what talented people will be chosen to be one.
It says "applications for this position will be accepted soon" so does that mean in 2017 or an unchosen date?

(I don't wish to be a server myself, I am just interested to see who will be chosen.
you could say I'm curious.)

(1 Reply)
PaintDazzle Featured By Owner May 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I want some one to turn my oc into an cc but is there any one i can contact to get rights for this?
(1 Reply)
CadetRedShirt Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
hello, where would i find the registration sheet paper to put my pony on? thank you :)
(1 Reply)
LevairTaivas Featured By Owner Edited May 9, 2017   Artist
I'm looking to buy a tier 3! <*^.^>
badly need tier 3 to properly make the pony 
(1 Reply)
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